Why a service contract?

posted on 26 May 2018 support-service-contract

Support and Maintenance of your applications and servers is crucial to keep your systems healthy. ACTE Solutions provides reliable and fast support for your cloud, on-premise servers and web applications. See 5 reasons why you should get a service contract:

Save money and control your costs

A support contract is cheaper than a full time employee. You know what you pay for and can forecast costs. Our contracts are prepaid for 3, 6 or 12months, starting from 1 hour per month.

Specialists are better than Generalists

We ensure our team is fully skilled for your specific requirements before starting any contract.

Save Time & Faster Response Time

You are at ease as if a problem occurs it will be quickly solved. You may not even realize their was a problem as we use monitoring scripts to notify support team in case of breakdown.

Minimize Downtime

Fix it before it breaks with preventive maintenance and regular check-up, your system will remain healthy and have less chance to fail.

Improved System Performances

Logs analysis are performed to point weak performances. If a weak point is detected corrective action will be suggested.

Improved Security

Regular system and application updates. Firewall, Proxy, Anti-Intrusion (IDS/IDP) logs analysis.

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