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Why us?

We create responsive web design and user friendly backend to help our user manage their data easily and effectively. Our company provide affordable solutions by introducing our customer to open-source softwares and helping them to customize those tools to their own need. We respect our customer’s privacy and provide clean and secured services with high level of performance.

Freedom culture!

We like to think that open source is beyond a way to develop and license software. It's an altitude! Open source software express the willingness to share, collaborate with others to improve things in a transparent way. This culture of freedom encourages people in committing to play an active role in improving software and making them accessible to everyone.


At ACTE Solutions, we are all about creating the best solutions for our customers. As a small agency, we still manage to offer a wide range of quality solutions, all thanks to our partners. Each of us, specialized in an area will contribute our expertise to deliver to our client a high performance, secured, easy to use and manage software. 

Our Team

Adrien Baltardive
Adrien Baltardive

Strong industrial background in electronics and Linux embedded systems.

Vy Nguyen
Vy Nguyen
Marketing assistant

Self-motivated and a disciplined soul. Always ready to learn new things.

Wanna join?
Wanna join?

You are a developer based in Saigon and want to join our dynamic team? Send us your CV now!

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