Why a service contract?

Vy Nguyen | 06 May 2019

Everything you need to know about a service contract to maintain your system at it best!


What is a service contract?

A service contract is an agreement between a client and a contractor. It defines the terms of work the contractor has to perform in exchange for a compensation from the client. The basic information included in a service contract are:

  • General information regarding the client and the contractor.
  • Terms and conditions of the service.
  • Clear description of the service provided and the frequency at which it is provided.
  • Fees for the service and how and when the client should make the payments.

There are many types of service contract in possibly any field. In the following paragraph we will explain what are the kinds of failure you could experience and how to prevent them from happening. We will also explore the importance of a service contract and how you could benefit from it.

Why do you need a service contract?

A service contract is made to prevent your system from possible breakdown and reduce the system downtime when a problem occurs. We can identify 2 types of system failure:

  • System degradation: This is usually the first stage leading to a system breakdown. In this stage your system is still functional but it is not operating at it best.
  • System breakdown: The system completely shutdown and all you can do is to wait for the problem to be fixed in order to regain work.

At ACTE Solutions we believe it is best to take action before the problem occures. We are going to explain to you 3 degrees of maintenance and how it is related to a good management of your system.

  • Preventive maintenance: This kind of maintenance is made before a problem occurs and periodically to avoid future serious problem. It's aim is to reduce the possibility of system failure or deterioration of the system. It helps increase the system's life expectancy and reduce system downtime when a problem occurs.

  • Corrective maintenance: When defects are found in the system causing the malfunction of it, corrective maintenance will be performed to return system to proper working order. During the execution, the asset is repaired, restored or replaced.

  • Perfective maintenance: Enhance system functionality by the implementation of new assets. The mission of perfective maintenance is to improve the way the system works according to client's need.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the 3 basic forms of maintenance, we are going to explain how a service contract could be beneficial to you.

As we can see the 2 most important forms of maintenance are preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. One is done on a regular basis and the other one when a problem is detected. The role of a service contract is important in the 2 cases as it helps you maintain your system at it best and reduce your donwtime to a minimum when a problem occurs. A service contract is the security measure to take to save your time and money. If you wait for a problem to happen to take action, it will be too late as the damages could be more serious and it would require more time to be fixed.

Understanding the need to manage your IT system effectively, ACTE Solutions provides service contract to keep your system at it best. Please visit our website for more information: http://acte-solutions.com/

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