All our solutions include 7 daily backup points.


Restore daily backups from our portal. Retention time as you wish.


Backup and restore anytime from our portal. Retention time as you wish.

SSL Certificates

Domain Validated

(DV) Certificate for only one domain. Giving minimum security.

Organisation Validated

(OV) Increase trust from visitor. Minimum recommended for online payment.

Extended Validation

(EV) Highest standard validation. Providing the highest trust from a visitor with a green bar and company name displayed on browser.

Authentication & Access Management

Single Sign-On

Access all your apps using single sign-on (SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect).

Access Management

Centralized authorization using our access portal (OAuth 2.0).


Configure multi-factor and multi-step authentication to applications.

Directory Integration

Integration with LDAP or pre-existing Active Directory.

User Management

Manage people, users, groups and attribute informations.


Customize workflows for new applications or user rights.