ACTE Solutions

We believe that good software do not require a lot of features, they require the right one.

Our partners

ACTE Solutions believes that each of us could only be expert in a field. An expert in website development would hardly be adept at securing a website as a security expert would. That reason brought us to make the decision to bring in the expertise of our partners and software editors to offer a final product of quality. Thanks to our partners, we are able to develop high performance, secured and original website, software and mobile application.
Thirty Dirty Fingers

When it comes to creativity, a graphic designer is a must. A website’s interface is the first contact that a customer has with a company; we want to make sure that if our clients need to make a first good impression they get it. Original, creative and talented, Thirty Dirty Fingers’ designs are outstanding.

October CMS is a Content Management System that offer simplicity, flexibility and modern design in web development. Trusted by thirty thousand developers all around the world, October CMS is an ideal tool for developers, designers but also users as it offers a simple interface and could easily be adapted to any existing system.

Matomo is a web analytics platform that provide 100% data ownership, no sampling, full privacy compliance and the platform is very easy to use. Matomo Analytics is an open-source alternative to Google analytics.


IT Management is the solution when it comes to hardware and IT Support. IT Management enables you to truly focus on business rather than IT issues.


For our clients based in Europe, 3CT ensure the hosting of the websites. They protect our client’s data and privacy; Offers a good technical support and ensure little or no downtime.

Asea Innovation

Some projects must start in a very short time, Asea Innovation is there to provide us a dedicated team of skilled developers.