Backup and Recovery

Bareos backup system

A backup and recovery software create copy of the entire computer system to avoid the permanent loss of data. It is a safety net that keeps businesses running when there is an IT problem.

Bareos (a Bacula fork) to implement backup and recovery within your IT.

Today‘s business life is determined by faster and faster growing amounts of data. Whole business models are based on the collection of data, their analysis and the correspondent management decisions. The loss of sensitive data can be a threat to a company‘s existence. Hence frameworks for the backup, archiving and recovery of lost data are indispensable.

10 Reasons for choosing Bareos 

  • Open Source Backup Solution
  • Reliable backup and quick restore in case of data loss
  • Support of all common operating systems
  • No license fees – no vendor lock­in – safe investment
  • Subscription, support and consulting for professional environments
  • Aimed at professional users and therefore fit for use in enterprise environments
  • Independence from providers through open source code and developer community
  • High degree of automation, possible inte­gration into heterogeneous environments
  • Future-oriented due to continuous development
  • Highest standard of quality due to the transparent work of the development team
  • Disaster recovery possible even without the use of a backup server

  • For all major operating systems
  • Security of investment through 100 % open source
  • Encrypted transmission and storage
  • Cloud storage connection
  • Data replication across multiple locations

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