Dedicated Business Application

Be in control of your business!

At ACTE Solutions we understand that to be able to improve team efficiency, a web application must be powerful but also user-friendly. A user-friendly application will save you time by removing all the unnecessary features

A web application is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a web browser. Anyone can use the application as long as they have internet access. It has added advantages as it allows employee to work across multiple channel, collaborate on project, share information, work on common documents and be accessible from anywhere.

Increase your productivity by building your own dedicated web application with ACTE Solutions now! The software structure is ready for new features that you may want to add. Manage your inventory, assets, purchases, sales, expenses, HR, production, maintenance and many more. The application can be linked to any other existing system like CRM or ERP. 

We provide long-term support to help you on improving continuously.

  • Powerful database
  • User-friendly
  • Dashboard overview
  • Reporting
  • API for mobile app
  • Data import/export
  • Admin panel
  • Extended features

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