Cloud Sharing

Work smartly and safely! 

Cloud sharing is an online file sharing and storing system. The system provides end users with the ability to access files with any connected device from any location. Cloud sharing is also used as an online platform to work with other people, make online presentation and make audio/video call.

The benefits of using a Cloud sharing system are multiples:

  • Keep your documents safe (lost, damage devices…)
  • Share files easily
  • Work anytime anywhere
  • Keep all your data private.

All the tools you need for work are now centralized on the same platform.

Our secured cloud hosting is powered by NextCloud. The end-to-end encryption feature make your data fully private and when we say fully private, that means even ACTE Solutions won't be able to read it! Share photos with friends, folders with colleagues, manage your contacts and calendars in safety now!

Our service is rated A+ on

A+  = This server is up to date, well configured and has industry leading hardening features applied, making it harder for an attacker to exploit unknown vulnerabilities to break in.

Find out more about NextCloud now:

  • Secured web and mobile access
  • Desktop synchronisation
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Sharing and collaboration

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